High Praise for Indie Kidz Gear

"Just got the monkey and russian doll t-shirts. Just love them. So original yet hip."


"Hey! I just so happen to be hosting a baby shower (well, actually, we're calling it a 'baby party' because my friends don't want anyone showering them with gifts). I think her parents would totally love everything about Indie Kidz!..."

I just wanted to tell you how much we valued having our Indie Kidz shirts during our 13 hour trip to Connecticut and back again!! Traveling with a 1 yr old and a 3 yr old for a full day, hopping on and off 3 airplanes and then taking to the highway for 2 hours is trying on a little family-- I had anxiety about this trip. I did not know what to expect!!! I didn't know what games to pack or what snacks to pack to keep them happy. I did however know exactly what to dress them in--- their UBER comfy, breathable, soft, organic Indie shirts. I felt happy knowing the kids were in comfort for the full day of traveling--and they really were--as was I in my bamboo shirt! They loved wearing their shirts and they looked so cute in them (so, I am sending you pics as I couldn't resist taking them!) I am also pleased to report that despite the many would-be stains that come from sticky fingers and food coloring- filled drool (from oh- too many sweets meant to keep the kids quiet during the long flights), the shirts came out totally clean in the wash!! The kids wore them on all our long trips including the 13 hour trip back!! I am looking forward to purchasing some for my friends kids-- can't think of a better Christmas or birthday gift!!"

"I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to emblazon Reagan's chest with your work. I just spent a few minutes checking out the website and the merchandise. The t-shirts are FANTASTIC."

"I am loving the T shirt..you've got a couple of fans here!"

"There's other cool stuff out there for kids but it's not always eco-friendly and the eco-friendly stuff is not always cool. Indie Kidz offers the best of both worlds - and I'm loving how easy it is to buy from you, it's perfect!"

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