Indie Kidz T-Shirts – Bio Mom sorting fanmail with Paul

My parents are cool.

My mom was a radical feminist yogi who married a punk rocker. At age 13, she was backstage the night the Beatles first played the Ed Sullivan show in New York City.

My StepDad rockin' out in The Last PogoI grew up in Toronto in a big house filled with amps, electric guitars and bootleg tapes. We jammed and played shows together and recorded original tracks in our basement. When I was 17 they gave me my own gear, including my beloved '79 Ibanez Artist guitar, which I still play onstage. That was my favorite Christmas.

In our house there was a lot of respect, both for children's creativity and for a natural way of living. Our family kitchen was all organic - brown rice and tofu and veggies, yet I also really loved the steak and chocolate chip cookies served by my grandmothers. Medicine was mostly home remedies and tinctures and a good storybook. School was alternative or home.

When we weren't rock and rollin' we spent a lot of time around yoga communities. As a kid I sang bhajans at ceremonies that go back thousands of years and read the chalkboard of a silent Indian master. There was golden sun, good vibes and lots of other kids to play with.

Always a tomboy, dressed in cotton t-shirts and jeans, I got deep into wilderness craft. I studied plant lore, had a Bowie knife as big as my arm, made bows and arrows and crafted baskets from reeds I harvested in the wild. I was the family apothecary when our family left Toronto and headed out in a big old van loaded with books and musical gear on what became a long road trip through Canada and the U.S. Our visits to sacred Native American sites inspired me to later take my own solo bike trip through the stunning southwest on a vintage 550cc Honda Super Sport.


At 19 years old, with my guitar and backpack, I arrived on the west coast to study art at Emily Carr College of Art and Design. I wrote music for TV, film and dance/theatre and played in a happening Vancouver rock band. Then, still interested in organic processes, I also graduated from Homeopathic College.
Now I have my own big house filled with love and art and music, family and friends. I'm still happily playing in rock bands and designing and pressing shirts for Indie Kidz.
I might have thought Indie Kidz began when I couldn't find a cool enough gift for my friend's new baby or when I found out just how much better organic cotton is for the environment, but the roots, the inspiration stretch way back. I started Indie Kidz because I was one. I'm proud to say I still am.

What is Indie Kidz Gear?

Only THE coolest eco friendly t-shirt line for kids ever! All my designs are original limited edition screen prints with an indie rock n' roll edge. I use 100% organic cotton and bamboo/cotton t-shirts made in Canada and the USA simply because they are softer and better for the planet. I personally believe that nothing is more versatile than a black t-shirt (except maybe, a spoon) and every kid looks great in one but you will find other colors as well.

I also like to personalize each order with a little something extra – a gift baggie, sticker, temporary tattoo or some cool piece of Indie Kidz memorabilia. I’m always in the lab working on new designs, so check back often. And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, the Indie Kidz Lounge. There's always something neat to check out there.

Long live the Indie Kidz!
The Prez